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Rubber Molding Process
With our compression, injection and transfer molding capabilities, the possibilities for your parts are virtually limitless! Get in touch with one of our customer service representatives to discuss your application and issues. We’ll work with you to design the size, shape and compounds to suit your exact needs.
☆Custom Molded Products (Made to your print) ☆Grommet Bumpers ☆Grommets (Standard and military specification) ☆Bushings / Sleeves ☆Caps, Plugs, Tips ☆Rubber Stoppers ☆Rubber Feet ☆Dock Bumpers

Rubber-to-metal Bonding
Need a uniquely shaped component with both stability and flexibility? Or an odd-shaped part that’s no longer made? Our expertise in rubber-to-metal bonding can help you design the right product for your application.
☆Engine / Motor Mounts
☆Rubber Isolators ☆Compactor Mounts ☆Vibration Mounts ☆Stud Bumpers / Bobbins ☆Rubber buffer
☆Rubber tips

Extruded Rubber Profile
Tired of modifying your design to fit an off-the-shelf part? With our low tooling costs, it makes sense to get the exact shape you need. We’ll make sure we get just the right profile and material for your purpose, whether highly specialized or decorative. We also cut profiles to length and splice profiles in gaskets or seals.
☆Extrusions - Standard and Custom Shapes
☆P-Strip, L-Strip Extrusions
☆U-Channel, Square and Round
☆Extruded Door Seals
☆Extruded Bumpers
Plastic Injection Technology
We have fully automated plastic injection machines.It can produce products 24 hours a day.We have our own mold engineers.This greatly improves our work efficiency and competitive advantage in price.We can make an exact copy according to your sample for in-depth analysis.
☆Plastic cover for electronic element
☆Nylon parts
☆ABS cover,button
☆PC parts
☆PP parts

Plastic Extrusion Process
We have 4 production lines for plastic extrusion equipment.
Our products are sold all over the world. North America and Europe are our major markets.We can make Solid and Foam plastic extruder strips.It has good service life and crashworthiness.
☆ PVC profile
☆ABS profile
☆PE Profile
☆UPVC Profile
☆TPE Profile
☆PP profile
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